Who We Are

Fragments of Laura is a transmedia experience developed by a multidisciplinary team at Madeira Interactive Technology Institute.  It is part of a larger research project called Beanstalk.




Our Motivation

For small islands, such as Madeira the tourism industry represents an economic catalyst to enlarge their economy. The allure of the island is dependent on a blend of unique land formations, flora and fauna, ocean and cultural heritage. To keep it thriving, it is crucial that the growth of the travel and tourism sectors continue in an open and sustainable manner, providing the motivation for the further protection of local values such as biodiversity, habitats, and local costumes.




Transforming the Visitors’ Experience

Our efforts are moving towards improving the impact of tourism on the island, by jointly highlighting cultural with natural heritage to a wide range of audiences and fostering awareness and respect regarding the island’s valuable heritage.

It is our belief that Transmedia Storytelling can play an important role in raising awareness towards positive tourism practices due to its immersive and participatory nature.

This project’s goal it is to enhance the tourists’ experience, while the mobile tour provides visitors with an entertaining way to explore some of Funchal locations and learn about different historical times in Madeira. The web-based journalistic style interviews provides in-depth current information about the island most precious values.




Talk with Us

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