Terms & Conditions


By participating in Fragments of Laura you agree that neither Beanstalk researchers nor any person associated with us will be liable to you or any other participant for any direct or indirect damages that arise in any way. You agree to communicate this liability to any person that you invite to take part in location-based Tour.

The location-based tour is played in the urban environment. You need to watch out for both people and traffic that you might come across.


The fun in playing our tour is discovering the story and its locations. Don’t be a spoiler!  Be aware of it when sharing the experience 🙂


All content included on this site and all information (stories, videos, features etc..) we’ll send to you via our app, messages or email is copyright of Fragments of Laura and the Beanstalk project.

Use of Images

We may use images shared with us for online marketing and promotional material.  But we will ask your permission for it and give you the credits.


Fragments of Laura is part of a research project and therefore it is non-profit. In exchange for the experience that we offer we only ask you to collaborate in our research studies by filling out some questionnaires/surveys and some questions that we might have either in person or via e-mail.


By visiting our site, contacting us and playing our tour, we collect some of your personal data, from which you are identifiable such as your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and nationality. This data is only used to contact you.

By participating in our studies your data, feedback and survey answers will be anonymized. And only be used for educational purposes and scientific publications.

We are committed to protecting any personal data you give us. We do not share your data with any third parties.

If you disagree with these terms, you should discontinue using our service.